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123hostel.ru is located in the city center and it take up 10 minutes to get to Red Square from here by underground train. You can get to Semenovskaya underground station in 1 minutes. The infrastructure is good developed there. The hostel is in the area of “Verond” business center. You can visit a Fitness Club, the beauty salon, Pharmacy, the ATM, the Tourist  Information Bureau   etc. The popular, large shopping center is near us.

123hostel.ru HOSTEL IN MOSCOW








parking 123HOSTEL.ru in MoscowThe parking meter zone is near by less 5 meter. You can park bus or light commercial vehicle.





About "123hostel.ru"

The hostel is 310 square meters. The hostel has 14 individual rooms.

123hostel.ru HOSTEL IN MOSCOW

It is 4 and 8 bedded dorms. 

hostel in Moscow 123hostel.ru

Every sleeping place has brand new orthopaedic mattress, comfortable pillow and blanket from bamboo.








123hostel.ru Hostel in Moscow-“Sleep like a baby all night long”.

There are lockers for each guest.

 There is ample space for laggage.  







123hostel.ru HOSTEL IN MOSCOWThere are safe deposit boxes 








All rooms equipped with air conditioning.

 We have modern and large self-catering kitchen. Basic cooking facilities are available. Many epic meal has been cooked here.

123hostel.ru Hostel in Moscow123hostel.ru Hostel in Moscow








123hostel.ru Hostel in Moscow






There are a large pre-shower room with washbasins and comfortable shower units. –“Please, Don’t  spend all day in them.”

You can use the washing machine, hair dryer, iron.



123hostel.ru Hostel in Moscow


Sitting area will allow you to relax. We have comfortable furniture, TV and free WIFI zone everywhere.

Positive and professionalism of our staff provide high quality service and good mood.


Dear guests!!!
There is a fun and cozy social environment. We are perfect for solo travels, happy couples and groups. Many our guests extend their stay with us and come back to visit us again and again.

WELCOME!!! We are waiting for you!